About Bartle

Brief bit about me

I'm Bartle Halpin, a photographer from Folkestone, Kent. (That's me, below.)

I see the world as if through a frame or lens. Supposedly mundane things stop me in my tracks!

I love conjuring up concepts, playing with ideas and subjects, creating ways to capture the viewer's attention and intrigue.

Beauty covers such a wide scope and is of course in the eye of the beholder. My photographs seek to find and show beauty beyond the conventional forms.

A little about what I do

My work has covered art, architecture, commercial, events, food, portraiture and promotional work, as well as my own projects with landscapes, abstract/textures and nature. 

I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and subjects, and I love to collaborate with interesting, fun and passionate people to create original and fantastic images.

Discovering new places, nooks, vistas and buildings that could make that next great picture gives me a rush of excitement that apparently isn't 'normal'. But I just love it!

Want something?

Do you have an upcoming project needing a photographer?

Do you want to purchase prints or copies of my work?

Or are you a model looking to expand your book or are you starting out and want to start a portfolio?

Whatever your needs, simply get in touch with me using my contact form.

Like a photograph, I'm just a click away!


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